Donner 39 Inch Jazz Thinline Electric Guitar Tele Style Electric Guitar Beginner Solid Body Sunburst Full-Size H-H pickups

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    DJC-1000S Juzz electric guitar bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Bundle includes Donner DJC-1000S electric guitar, good quality gig bag,strap and Cable. Save yourself time with an all-in-one electric guitar bundle! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

    Unique Design
    The DTC-1000S features a solid Poplar wood body with fine arches, chrome tuner keys, good quality nickel plated steel strings and a PVC pickguard. Tuning Pegs are made of Steel for easy tuning and keeping the tuned string held in position. Not only does it have everything you need to learn and play electric guitar, but it’s so affordable that jumping in doesn’t require a big investment.
    3-Way Pickup Switch
    The DTC-1000S offers natural, vibrant sounds in your hands at a great value with a choice of convenient and practical features that will have the beginning guitarist in your house strumming away in no time. The DTC-1000S delivers a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, blues, and everything else in between! The natural, bright sounds complement the warm sounds of the solid wood. Pick it up to join in the growing guitar fanfare!
    Perforated Design
    This is a perforated design, which is good for better resonances and sustain. The strings are in direct contact with the body of the instrument. No secondary conduction is needed and the sounds are prolonged well.
    The DTC-100S is equipped with a 10cm thick electric guitar bag. The pocket makes it easy for musicians to place accessories such as guitar cables and music sheets. The bottom of the bag is equipped with anti-wear parts. Donner prepares high-quality guitar straps and cables for electric guitar players. The tough strap can better protect the electric guitar from being broken during use. A good guitar cable can bring better sounds and reduce noise. The natural and bright sounds complement the warm sounds of the solid wood. Pick it up to join in the growing guitar fanfare! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

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