Donner DST-100 Solid Body S-S-H Pickups Electric Guitar Kit with Amplifier

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This Donner DST-102 electric guitar bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Bundle includes a Donner DST-102 electric guitar, a 3W MINI amplifier, a good quality gig bag, a guitar capo, a digital tuner, a set of strings, a guitar strap and four guitar picks. Save yourself time and money with an all-in-one electric guitar bundle! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.
Unique Design
The DST-102S features a solid basswood body with fine arches, chrome tuner keys, good quality brass strings and a PVC pickguard. Tuning Pegs are made of Steel for easy tuning and keeping the tuned strings held in position. Not only does it have everything you need to learn and play electric guitar, jumping in doesn’t require a big investment.
Precise Technique
The DST-102S offers natural, vibrant sounds in your hands with a choice of convenient and practical features that will have the beginning guitarist in your house strumming away in no time. It delivers a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, blues, and everything else in between! The natural, bright sounds complement the warm sounds of the solid wood. Pick it up to join in the growing guitar fanfare!
Rechargeable Guitar MINI Amplifier
There are two tone channels (Clean/Distortion) . You can get different tones by adjusting GAIN and TONE, which is suitable for playing different styles of music. Easy Control & Little Size & Tube Sound.
Donner always keeps high requirements in making musical instruments. A high-end electric guitar must reach the standard of precise and perfect craftsmanship, sweet sound, comfortable grip and lasting stability. It really needs to pay great efforts to reach these standards. Because there are more than 100 processes in making an Electric guitar and any slightest negligence is not allowed in any process.
Hand Feeling Process
Good hand feeling is the key to a good musical instrument, which is reflected in the smooth feelings and suitable thickness of the neck, ultra-comfortable string action,  gliding frets and comfortable strings. The action that is the distance between the fingerboard and the strings is perfect. The neck and the body must be in a horizontal plane exactly when the fingerboard is glued. The frets on the fingerboard are silk smooth and gliding.
Material Selection
Careful screening of wood is crucial in our material selection. Every piece of wood is exposed to the air and dries naturally for three years. Finally, the unqualified materials are eliminated. Then follows matching the filtering materials and sending them to dry & wet room to process them artificially. We make sure the humidity of the materials is about 5 degrees then the production of the guitar can begin.
Since the electric guitar belongs to wooden instruments, the best humidity to store them is 50% and the temperature is 25℃. What's more, they should be placed in cool and dry places instead of the air-conditioned rooms. Please DO NOT expose the electric guitar under the sun directly for a long time to prevent damage of deformation and sun crack.


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