Moukey MWm-3 Multipurpose Dynamic Microphone with 16.40 ft XLR Metal plug gold plated contact Cable, High-gloss zinc alloy Handheld Mic

SKU: MK0066

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    MouKey MWm-3 Dynamic Microphone
    Moukey MWm-3 Dynamic Microphone is a great choice for virtually any sound application. With its solid construction, clear sound and ease of use, it not only works best with vocal performing, but also can be used in recording instruments like guitar, percussions, horns, and guitar amplifiers.
    High-grade Metal Plugs& Long-Enough Cable
    High-grade metal plugs with gold-plated contacts for smoother sound transmission and high original sound reproduction. 16.4ft cable can realize move freely.
    High-gloss Textural Appearance
    The product body uses high-gloss zinc alloy, which is precisely calculated regardless of touch or weight so that users can experience different feelings.
    Wire Protection
    The metal spring ring is used to protect the wire connection, increasing the service life of the wire, and the inside is not easy to break.

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