Moukey MAMX1 Ultra Low Noise 4-Channel Stereo Line Mixer

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Moukey Ultra Low-Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer

The Moukey MAMX1 has four input channels for you to blend various audio sources or instruments down to one stereo output. You can mix guitars, electronic drums, an MP3 player or phone, etc. together. This device does not introduce hum, hissing, or other unwanted audible noise into your signal.

The audio mixer has four 1/4in TRS inputs along with a 1/4in TRS output. Each channel can be set to stereo or mono. You can adjust each channel using its dedicated volume knob. If you encounter hum or buzzing when connecting a computer output or input, please consider using a ground loop isolator (not included).

Product Application:

This mixer is great for mixing most electronic musical instruments and microphones. Connect instruments  like electric guitars, electronic drums, electric pianos, etc.

Easy to Use

Each channel has a stereo/mono switch, making it easy to switch between the two input types.

New Power Supply Mode:

This mixer is powered by 5V DC over a USB-A connector. This is convenient because it can plug into any USB power supply. like a phone charger or power brick. So long as the available current is over 500mA, the device should work as intended.


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