Eastar KTR-400 Trumpet Standard Student Bb Trumpet Instrument for Beginners with 7C Mouthpiece White Gloves Cloth Hard Case Gold(International Shipping-Need 15-day at least)

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Eking, wining at the starting line.
Choosing Eking's trumpet means you have made a very affordable option. The positioning of the Eking trumpet is the entry trumpet for beginners. 1: It provides the basic requirements for the entry of brass instruments, good pitch. 2: Better tone, loud, and no noise. 3: No air leakage, good airtightness. 4: The piston valve is smooth and good maintenance can prevent it from blocking.
Wariness: 1 trumpet is a musical instrument that requires frequent cleaning of the valves. In case of difficulty in playing, be sure to unscrew the cover of the valve, to carry out the valve cleaning. Without lacquer, inner pipes must not be exposed to water vapor for a long time. So keep the internal pipes covered with valve oil all the time.

1.Color: Gold
2.Key: Bb
3.Level: Beginning Level Instrument
4.Material: Brass
5.Item Weight:3kg
6.Package Size: 58(L) x 18(W)x 30(H)CM
7.Carrying Case Material: Hard Nylon Covers Case

Package included:
1 x Eking KTR-400 Trumpet
1 x White Gloves
1 x 7 C Mouthpiece
1 x Cloth
1 x Hard Case


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