Eastar ETB-330 Bb Tenor Slide Trombone Brass with Hard Case Mouthpiece Cleaning Kit & Care Kit

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Eastar ETB-330 Bb Tenor Trombone
Eastar student Series/Good Quality
Eastar ETB-330 has a clean voice, accurate tone, bright and penetrating sound. It offers a quick response with accurate tones.The trombone features a stunning yellow brass body construction, generous bore, the light yet balanced weight that lessens fatigue while playing. Equip with a robust carrying case for easy transportation, the Eastar Tenor Trombone makes the perfect choice for new musicians or students .
  • Voice : Better vibration while playing, tuning is wonderful.
  • Slices : Wear resistance and durability.
Eastar Would Never Disappoint You
Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.
Eastar ETB-330 Tenor Trombone
Trombone Slide
The trombone Slide is the most important part of the trombone. The quality of the Slide directly determines whether the whole trombone is used smoothly. Poor quality Slides are easy to deform and oxidize, and are easy to get stuck in the process of practice.

Eastar ETB-330 inner Slide adopts brass chrome plating process, with higher hardness, higher brightness, more wear resistance and also, faster reaction speed when playing.

In order to ensure your trombone to have a longer life, please clean up the water in the inner tube after each playing, and use professional tube pulling oil for maintenance at the same time, otherwise it will be oxidized and blackened.
Elementary Cleaning Kit
As the first trombone of your choice, ETR-330 equips with the basic cleaning tools you want.

Long brushes can clean stains in U-shaped tubes. The short brush can clean the stains in the mouthpiece and short pipe. Oil can lubricate the slices (professional slide oil is recommended for higher maintenance). Joint grease plays a role in lubricating and sealing the necessary interfaces.

This cleaning kit can only clean the trombone simply. For more professional maintenance, please pay attention to Eastar's ECK series cleaning kit.
Hard Case
ETR-330' s hard case provides good supporting for musicians to keep their trombones or go out to perform.

The case is made of light foam wrapped by light wood splint has certain shock resistance and water resistance.

There are two ways to place it: 1. it can be placed vertically in places with insufficient space. only a 10inch*10inch(26cm*26cm) space is needed to place ETB-330. 2. Horizontal, the best way to store the trombone, the whole trombone is evenly stressed in the box.

There are three ways to carry it out: 1. 2


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