Eastar ERS-21BN ERS-21GN 2 PCS ABS Soprano Recorder Descant Set 8 Hole C Key,Baroque and German,Natural

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Style: Baroque

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Eastar ERS-21GN ABS Soprano C Recorder

3 Piece /ABS With Thumb Rest


  • Eastar ERS-21GN Recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone's musical education. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, and feature an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only one more affordable item but better performance function.
  • Though other maker's plastic recorders may have a similar appearance,Eastar 's is truly superior instruments. Eastar has been involved in the development of regional quality and quality standards for recorders.


  • Gift:Good gift for beloved or beginner
  • Voice: Melodious sound,bright tone
  • Fingering: German fingering style
    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You


    • Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.
    • When you buy from Eastar, you are going to buy from a company that took quality seriously. Eastar's component serial number can control the product to a stable and high quality. There are also two quality inspections at the factory. Eastar insists on making good products and is offer great customer support

      Eastar Design

      Although it's just an ABS recorder , Eastar's engineers still designed an enlarged mouthpiece for it. For beginners, this specially designed mouthpiece is easier to blow, easier to control and also lead to less howling.

      German Style

      German fingering is friendly to beginners. They do not need to change their fingering at F to perform more smoothly. Moreover, Eastar designed the distance of sound holes, which can reduce the problem of inaccurate tones caused by fingering changes.

      Thumb Rest

      Considering the different types of hands in different age groups, it is not a simple matter for younger children to play on the premise of holding the clarinet firmly. Eastar's patented thumb rest can help people with small hands to use our recorder easily. Note that the thumb rest is stuck in the bass part as much as possible, and excessive deformation may cause the thumb rest to be broken.


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