Eastar EP-120 Fully Weighted 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano with Touchscreen and Sustain Pedal

SKU: EB1503

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    Eastar EP-120 Weighted  88-Key Digital Piano with Touchscreen
    Realistic and responsive.
    The EP-120 is Eastar's first 88-key fully weighted portable electric piano, with an innovative intelligent touchscreen panel. The sound sources are an upgrade from many other electric pianos, the volume and timbre change with dynamics and touch are more realistic, and the overall experience makes you feel like you've got a real grand piano. With 8 sample libraries and 128 preset rhythms, it will drive your creativity and inspire beautiful music. 
    • A Great Instrument to Learn On
    • Superb Sound and a Realistic touch response
    Eastar maintains incredibly high standards that will never let you down. We want you to love the music you make.
    • 1 X Digital Piano
    • 1 X Sheet Music Stand
    • 1 X Sustain Pedal
    • 1 X Adapter
    • 1 X Instruction
    USB MIDI functionality
    The back of this electric piano has a USB (type B) jack to connect phones and tablets for teaching or self-learning apps, as well as computers. Connect to a computer to route MIDI into your preferred Digital Audio Workstation.  
    Outstanding Tone Quality
    The EP-120's sound source uses advanced sampling technology, and the piano sound library is painstakingly sampled from a real grand piano. Smart equalization is used to make you feel like you are playing in a concert hall, replacing the need for a real piano.
    Silent Practice
    Plug in a pair of headphone and the EP-120 becomes silent to the outside world, allowing you to play in the dead of night or at other times when you might otherwise bother those nearby.
    Metal Sustain Pedal
    This package comes with a separate metal sustain pedal, which can be plugged in to give you a realistic and flexible sustained sound that is important in a variety of piano pieces.
    Numerous In/Out Compatibility Options
    The back of the piano features a variety of jacks that allow you to connect external gear:
    MP3 USB Thumb Drive Jack
    MIDI USB (Type B)
    Triple-Pedal Connection
    Single Sustain Pedal Jack
    Audio Input (6.35mm)
    Audio Output (6.35mm)
    Power Jack
    Lossless Stereo Quality Stereo Surround
    Using lossless reproduction of the piano samples, you keep the full and delicate intricacies of the source. Enriching your playing experience. The sample process is so accurate, and the feel is so realistic, that this digital piano can be used to prepare for exams and big performances.

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