Eastar EFL-2 Open/Close Hole C Flutes 16 Keys Silver Plated Beginner FluteSet, Silver Plated

SKU: EB016

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    Eastar EFL-2 Flute
    Open Hole/Silver
    EFL-2: Compact key type, scientific and elegant key layout, in line with the European and American students hand type, very good to feel, excellent mechanical performance leads to sensitive response.

    Open hole design for beginner and intermediate students because sound response faster and more sensitive.Silver plated body makes the tone to be wider and thicker, even the quick spit is clear and pleasing, the bass is more relaxed, the baritone is solid.
    • Gift:Good gift for beloved or beginner
    • Voice: Best voice with warm tone
    • Operability: Great respond
    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You
    Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.

    When you buy from Eastar, you are going to buy from a company that took quality seriously. Eastar's component serial number can control the product to a stable and high quality. There are also two quality inspections at the factory. Eastar insists on making good products and is offer great customer support
    Beautiful Appearance
    High - grade diamond cut surface is noble and elegant
    Double-purpose Key
    Better sensitivity and reaction speed
    Classy Pad
    The double sheep casings pads and NAS high carbon steel needles lead to a long life for it.
    Light Weight Hard Case
    With two slide fasteners’ pockets, more space for carrying.
    Human Engineering
    Easy to play, best designed for the youngs and beginning learners.
    Fingering Charts
    More information for learning about flutes and Eastar’s serving.
    EFL-1 EFL-2
    Model EFL-1 EFL-2
    Level Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate
    Key C C
    Material Cupronickel Cupronickel
    Key Style Close Holes Open/Close Holes
    Finish Nickel Silver
    E Keys
    Weight 0.9lb / 400g 0.93lb / 420g
    Length 26.4’’/ 67cm 26.4’’/ 67cm
    Case Light Weight Hard Case(Brown) Light Weight Hard Case(Gray)

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