Eastar EDS-280BU 16 inch 3 Piece Kids Drum Set Kit with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks

SKU: EB0311

Color: Metallic Blue

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Accessory parts
Drum throne for children, maximum height 42cm, maximum load weight 100kg, even a normal weight adult can easily support it.
The electroplated bottom drum treadle hammer is stronger than normal children's footstool and remains shiny for a long time after plating. The treadle hammers can be used by attaching them to the bottom drum frame.
Two pairs of maple drum sticks, a pair of 5A adult drum sticks and a pair of children's drum sticks, so that parents and children can enjoy together, playing a fun time of musical instruments.
Why Choose Eastar
6-sided Fixed Structure
This construction holds the drum skins in place and provides a more consistent quality and sound than the 4-sided construction on the market. The drums sound is closed to full size, giving children a better experience with the instrument.
Pipe-shaped Suspension
This suspension holds the toms by inserting them directly into the cavity and adjusts the horizontal angle of the toms in relation to the drummer. The suspension also adjusts the angle between the drum face and the little drummer.
Bass Drum Legs
This structure lifts the bass drum at an angle so that the drum is facing upward, allowing the sound to pass through better, and the triangle is fixed so that the snare drum doesn't shift dramatically when the drum is played.


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