Eastar 24 Hole Harmonica Admiral Performance Competition C Key Tremolo Harmonica With Hard Case And Cloth

SKU: EB063

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    About Eastar Admiral 24 holes c key tremolo harmonica
    Our original intention is to bring you a unique musical experience
  • Whether you’re a primary beginner or intermediate harmonica lover, the Eastar Admiral Tremolo Harmonica is here for you to play.

  • Eastar is also well aware of the basic qualities that a good harmonica instrument should require. Here are 3 major advantages we have:
    • 1. High-Quality: Eastar has been insisting on high-quality for years, with rich experience.
    • 2. Pure Sound: The harmonica of Eastar has good tuning, plump timbre, stable soprano, pure sound quality
    • 3. Considerate Design: Our products apply green and safe material, with humanized design.
    Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.
    Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand, dedicated to the production of musical instruments, with more than 20 years of musical instrument production experience.
    Beautiful Appearance
    With shinny and delicate laser engraving, this harmonica has shinny casing, also durable, not easy to scratch or break.
    Well-made craftship
    Equipped with high-grade safe ABS combs, one-time molding, the harmonica can provide better adaptability and playability.
    Compact and Portable
    The size of the harmonica is compact(7.2'' in length) portable, small and light, easy to take to anywhere you like. Also user friendly for kids, children.
    Harmonica Playing Tips
    1. Holding your harmonica
    You can hold it in your left hand, so that the numbers are facing up. Hole no.1 must be to the left. The correct holding gesture helps a lot during your practice and playing.
    2. Mouth Position
    The right way is to make a complete seal with your lips touching the metal case. When you blow a few notes, you will know by the sound of the notes. Keep your mouth and jaw relaxed.
    3. Note Control Skill
    You basically need to learn to play one note at a time and develop the skill. This is done with two techniques called lip blocking and tongue blocking. You must be careful not to over do the blowing and drawing.

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