Donner Sound Seeker DSS-3 Acoustic Guitar/ Stringed Instrument Pickup

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    The Donner DSS-3 Acoustic Guitar Pickup is an excellent solution if you want to simply plug in and play. It’s the perfect pickup if you’re looking to capture the natural sound of the acoustic guitar without any hassle. The specifific placement of the system allows you to avoid thin and percussive sounds that are common in similar pickups. 

    DIY Tone
    With the freedom to install the pickup in a number of locations, you can experiment and find your favorite sound. The pickup fits most string instruments, such as acoustic guitar, ukulele, upright bass, cello, violin, etc.
    User-Friendly Accessories
    Our green adhesive keeps your guitar safe and doesn’t leave a nasty residue. The adhesive is also strong, so the pickup can be placed and replaced numerous times without coming loose during a performance.
    Clear and Complete Acoustic Sound
    This pickup captures the complete range of sounds of most acoustic instruments, including nuances of tone and technique that magnetic pickups may miss.
    Installation Instructions:
    Use the green reusable glue on the bottom of the copper pickups and press them onto the body of the acoustic instrument. Try attaching the pickup where you can feel strong vibrations in the instrument, and also where you feel more moderate vibrations to experiment with the tones. Attach the output’s fixed clip where you will find it convenient to use.

    Note: applying too much pressure when attaching the pickup, the adhesive pads, or the output can cause damage to your instrument.
    • Guitar Pickup X 1
    • Green Glue X 1
    • 3M Adhesive Pads X 4
    • Cable Holders X 3
    • Leather Pad X 1
    • ABS Fixed Clip X 1

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