Donner Soph Gate Intelligent Noise Gate Effects Loop Pedal

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  • The Donner Soph Gate is an intelligent noise gate and effect loop pedal that gives you a noise-free performance with full dynamics
  • With its intelligent noise gate algorithm, it can fully reduce unwanted noise even when you are using distortion pedals or a high gain amplifier. 
  • Threshold, Attack, Release, Hold and Return parameters give you all the control you need
  • The send and return FX loop lets you use your dry signal to control the gate, while gating your effect sound, giving you control where other noise gate pedals don’t. 
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss.
  • Once you are using Soph Gate, you will never want to remove it from your pedal board. 
  • Donner Soph Gate Pedal Donner Dumbal Drive Pedal Donner Vintaverb Pedal Donner Island Pedal
    Effect Noise Gate Overdrive Reverb Delay&Looper
    Power Supply 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC


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