Donner Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal, 7 Reverb Effects Room Hall Church Spring Plate Mod Darksea, Verb Square Evolution+

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    Donner VERB Square Evolution+ is a 7-mode mini digital reverb pedal suitable for any music style. 7 selected reverb effects and onboard controls offers you a wide tonal range, and additional effect tail control is very convenient for using in different scenarios.
    Wide-Ranged Effect Controls
    VERB Square Evolution + has an effect type selector and three effect parameter control knobs, allowing you to adjust each effect type to the maximum. Even a single reverb effect type can call up an infinite variety of sounds with different feelings.
    Effect Tail
    Hold the footswitch to switch effect tail on/off when bypassed. You can keep the ambience going on when switching effects by turning on effect tail, or switch it off to keep everything clear.
    7 In 1 Reverb Pedal
    The VERB Square Evolution+ comes with 7 carefully selected reverb effects, allowing you to easily create spatial effects or add sound dimensions to your tone. The light weight, compact-sized housing helps you keep your pedalboard tiny and easy to carry.
    Product Description
    VERB Square Evolution+ is a 7-mode mini digital reverb pedal suitable for any music style. There are seven different reverberation modes inside, ranging from the classic ROOM, HALL, CHURCH reverberation modes to the popular SPRING and PLATE reverberation modes, and then to the unique DARKSEA mode. Whether you are a pop music lover, a post rock player or even want to make your heavy metal guitar sound more imposing, you can use VERB Square Evolution + to achieve the sound you want.
    • Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
    • Current Consumption: 100mA
    • Dimensions: 42x93.5x52mm
    • Weight: 330g

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