Donner M series M-3 3W Electric Mini Guitar Amplifier, Wall Outlet or Battery-Powered

SKU: EC1705

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    Mini Body, Big Functions
    There are two sound modes in the mini M-3. The Clean mode plays back clean, undistorted and detailed guitar sounds. The distortion mode allows you to kick your sound int overdrive. You can adjust the level of distortion through the Drive adjustment knob.
    Comes with a Power Adapter and AA batteries
    The Donner M-3 can be powered by a traditional 9V center-negative power supply (included), or one you might use to power your guitar pedals. If you want to take it outside, you can also use the included AA batteries to power the Donner M-3 (note: this product is not rechargeable, though you can use rechargeable batteries if you desire).
    Exquisite appearance
    The M-3 uses an aluminum nameplate and an awesome mesh material. In addition to allowing you to play the guitar more conveniently at home, it can be used as a multimedia speaker when connected to a mobile phone or other sound source. When not in use, put it on your desk or bookshelf. Its style makes a great statement even when it’s not being played.

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