Donner Jet Convolution Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

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    Good Flanger Tone
    A classic analog flanger guitar effect pedal. The ciruit of analog filter. Great sound that words can not describe, feels like the blue sky and white clouds, the glittering sunshine refraction, the whole world could be isolated with the beautiful sound
    Easy to Control
    There are three function knobs, namely Color, Ranger and Rate. Two models: Filter and Normal. You can just control three function knobs and choose the model you want to made you own music tone. Enjoy your own fun and colorful life
    Classic Design
    As you can see, Jet Convolution have a novel design logo, classic mini size, convenient and durable. True bypass switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument.
    Jet Convolution Features
    1.Power Supply:9V DC (Negative in the center).

    2.Two Modals: Filter and Normal.

    3.Color Knob:Adjust the depth of flanger.

    4.Ranger Knob:Control the ranger of flanger.

    5.Rate Knob:Adjust the changing speed of flanger.

    6.Input & Output Jack:Analogy though 1/4’’ mono audio jack.

    7.LED Light:LED indicator shows the working state.

    8.Full metal shell:Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong.

    9.True Bypass:True bypass for zero tone coloration.
    Noise gate Compressor Distortion pedal overdrive pedal chorus pedal
    Noise Killer Ultimate Comp Morpher Blues Drive Tutti Love
    Effect Noise Gate Compressor Distortion Overdrive Chorus
    Input DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V

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