Donner HUSH-ⅠT Silence Guitar

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It’s Never Been Easier to play the Guitar
  • A small body with a big resonance Although HUSH-I is light in a laptop weight, its original wood body & pickups greatly produces the resonance with a warm and full sound you could never imagine. The less angular body prevents collision damage and keeps the body in good condition.
  • Headless design and bottom tuners The traditional headstock can easily be hit accidentally, resulting in out-of-tune or even damage. HUSH-I switches the tuners to the bottom of the body, which reduces guitar being out-of-tune.
  • Removable upper and lower frames You can still install the ergonomic upper and lower frames to convert HUSH-I into a traditional shaped guitar, allowing you to switch between different usage scenarios freely.
  • Hidden tuning keys With a hidden storage, anti-drop magnet design, HUSH-I will be equipped with the neck and tuning key. This design ensures you won’t lose this small yet important accessory easily.
  • The Best Choice for Long Practice Sessions
  • Plug and play with long battery life HUSH-I is equipped with a headphone output, MP3 output and 6.35 port output allowing you to perform on stage or practice quietly at home. The pickup has a built-in lithium battery providing 50 hours usage with earphone or one month with 6.35 speaker. The ultra-long-lasting battery life means you don’t have to worry about running out of battery during performance.
  • Asymmetrical guitar neck The asymmetrical guitar neck of HUSH-I can satisfy both beginners and guitar virtuoso. The gradual neck curvature can help players to perform better both in higher and lower neck position; furthermore, it helps reduce wrist fatigue even with long practice hours.
  • Whether it’s timbre of feel, its perfect details make you even more fond of it
  • Activate the phase button Acoustic guitars are prone to feedback due to the excessive gain of external equipment (large speakers or PA systems), the anti-phase button on HUSH-I inverts the output signal by 180 degrees, eliminating feedback and allowing the guitar purer sound.
  • Volume and tone buttons With the 2-stage EQ and Volume knobs, you can fine-tune your desired tone any way you want, whether strumming chords for your singer or playing a dedicated guitar solo!
  • Rounded frets Our customized round frets prevent finger cuts during practice and are very beginner-friendly
  • 2 in 1 guitar strap HUSH-I comes with a 2 in 1 guitar strap that works on both guitar and bag, and the quick release buckle keeps the strap from falling off.

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