Donner EM11 96K/24Bit HI FI sound quality Portable/Desktop DAC and Amplifier for Home,Computer,Apple,Android etc.

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    Donner brand launched a mid-range portable/desktop multi-purpose 96K/24Bit headphone amplifier with HI FI quality. Compared with the traditional headphone amplifier, it adds a visual dynamic OLED screen, which is convenient to adjust the built-in 5-band equalization EQ. Equipped with three audio connection cables corresponding to the current popular desktop computers, mobile phones, and platform computers. When using a mobile phone/tablet, it can directly supply power to EM11 without the need for additional batteries or adapters to achieve true portable use. Donner has always been working hard on R&D, improvement, and existing audio products on the market.
    Using the most innovative USB-C power supply method, computers and mobile phones can provide power for our products, so that the products can be used on desktop or portable to deal with different scenarios.
    The all-metal casing provides better protection for the product and can reduce various interferences caused by the external connection.
    The product is equipped with a high-definition LCD dynamic screen, which is convenient for customers to adjust the 5-segment EQ, set the volume, customize and other operations to provide visual simple operation.

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