Donner Dumbal Drive Analog Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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Product description
The Donner Dumbal Drive is an analog overdrive pedal based on the legendary D-style amplifier. It provides a clean boost to mild crunchy overdriven tone.A real tube-like sound and smooth compression offer you a glossy and transparent guitar tone.With two EQ controls and three different clipping modes, this circuit gives you a lot of options to adjust your sound.
Once you try it, you will never forget the sound of the Dumbal Drive.
Three clipping circuit mode:
Mode I distorts the upper half of the waveform, giving you more high frequency distortion, a bigger sound, and some compression.
Mode II distorts the upper and lower halves of the waveform, giving you a more balanced sound, mellower distortion, and subtle compression.
Mode III distorts the lower half of the waveform, boosting low frequencies and giving you much stronger compression.
Gain controls the volume of the input signal and how hard the circuit is driven, and Vol controls the volume of the output signal after all of the distortion is done. Your guitar volume will affect both.

The Donner Dumbal Drive is designed so that keeping the Gain and Vol knobs at 12 o’clock gives you a balanced sound. Turning down the Gain knob, you will need to increase the Vol knob to compensate. Increasing the gain knob will increase overall volume, and you can use the Vol knob to turn it back down again to keep your playing volume the same.


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