Donner DT-1 Chromatic Guitar pedal tuner True Bypass

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    DT-1 pedal tuner is a powerful and stable floor-to-ceiling pedal tuner. The true bypass system allows you to restore 100% of your sound into the amplifier. The high-brightness LED lights and LCD display allow you to tune more quickly. The wide tuning range allows the DT-1 pedal tuner to adapt to more instruments.

    Dual mode tuner

    The DT-1 has a dual independent channel mode. As long as you step on the tongs to enter the tuning mode, you can cut off all signal output to achieve the silent effect, allowing you to quietly adjust your instrument to the best condition and intonation in front of the audience on stage.Another step on the nail DT-1 will turn off tuning mode and go into bypass mode, while turning off the LED lights and display, allowing the sound of your instrument to revert back to the amplifier without affecting all the stage effects.

    Precise and powerful tuner

    Chromatic which is suitable for wide range tuning. LED Light indicator shows the working state. LCD display leads clear results of tuning. And it's easy to read the right tone. Tuning range is A0(27.5Hz) ~ C8(4186Hz). New fast precise strobe mode with +/- 1 cent accuracy. Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

    Easy-peasy usage

    DT-1 pedal can be turned on with just a simple guess on the nail. The color and brightness of the specially adjusted LED beads match the mini LCD screen, which can be used on the large stage and outdoor performance venues without any problems.The rugged shell can be used in any setting, providing a stable and reliable support for your performance.You just play as much as you want and we'll take care of the rest.

    Product Description

    1. Power Supply 9V DC (Negative in the center).
    2. LED Light LED indicator shows the working state.
    3. LCD Screen LCD display leads clear results of tuning.
    4. Input & Output Jack Analogy though 1/4 mono audio jack.
    5. True Bypass True bypass for zero tone coloration.

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