Donner DS-3X Wooden X-Frame Portable Instrument Stand

SKU: EC2061

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    Donner DS-3X Wooden X-Frame Guitar Stand

    Make Music You Love!!!

    Two Heights
    Suitable for instruments of varying thickness, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, and other string instruments.
    Stable Structure
    Made of high density wood fiberboard, this stand is durable and capable of supporting instruments of various weights.
    Easy to Carry
    The Donner DS-3X is made of two pieces of high-density fiberboard that come apart to collapse it.
    Specification: Color: Natural

    Weight: 1.8lbs (800g)

    The wood grain pattern makes this Donner acoustic guitar stand eye-catching and beautiful. The X-frame structure also makes this guitar stand more stable. EVA protective foam padding is placed anywhere the instrument comes into contact with the stand to prevent scratching or other damage. Whether your guitar is an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, the Donner DS-3X can hold it safely and securely.
    Package Includes:
    • Donner DS-3X Guitar Stand X 1

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