Donner DP-100 Turntable Record Player with Built-in Speakers Bluetooth Support Line-Output/Aux Input/Headphone Mode

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Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player-Donner Vinyl Record Player Features:
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player Treble & Bass Control and Headphone Mode
Featuring outstanding sound quality and Treble & Bass Control, which enhance and enrich effects for different songs. You can adjust the treble and bass of the song according to your favorite to achieve the playback effect you want.
Connect a headphone with the 3.5 mm plug to the headphone jack. No more busy life. Just Enjoy this quiet and wonderful moment alone.
Listen to Your Favorite Music by Using Bluetooth
This vinyl record player can be connected by Bluetooth device(such as Phone, Tablet, Laptop, etc) and use as a Bluetooth speaker. No cords are needed.
Please make sure that the 'auto-stop switch' is on, and put the tonearm back at the arm holder.
Note: This turntable only supports Bluetooth input, not supports Bluetooth output.
AUX Audio Input & Line-output Mode
Line Out compared to RCA Out: Line Out turns off the record player speaker sound when the record player is playing on external speakers; RCA Out does not turn off the record player speaker sound.
There is an aux input jack at the back of the turntable record player, you can connect the external audio device(such as CD player) through the aux input jack.
Connect a 3.5 mm audio cable to the line output jack at the back of the turntable record player, and plug the other end into your stereo(active speakers only).
Built-in Stereo Speakers
Built-in 2*3w speakers, along with unique treble and bass adjustment knobs, to provide you with high-quality stereo sound and satisfy your favorite sense of hearing.
Retro & Exquisite Style
Donner vinyl record player combines modern craftsmanship and retro color style, It will not only bring you musical enjoyment but also decorate your bedroom, study room, etc. Creating a vintage and relaxing atmosphere. It is the best choice for those who want a turntable that looks great even when the music is not playing.
Unique Design
The function control knob is designed on the side of the vinyl record player so that you can operate and play music conveniently.
3 Speeds (33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM)
3 Sizes of record (7'', 10'' and 12'')
Product Size: 12.72*10.32*4.68"
Weight: 4.85 LB

Great ideal gift for Valentine's Day. No more busy life. Just enjoy Vinyl Journey with your lover.

Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player  Questions & Answers

Q: What are the precautions before use?

A: Please follow the instructions carefully before use. When listening to a record, firstly please remove the stylus protector and open the tone arm clip to release the tonearm.

Q: How to switch it on?

A: 1. Connect the Power Adapter jack 2. Turn the power knob clockwise to switch on the player, the power indicator will light on.

Q: Can I connect it to a Bluetooth speaker?

A: No, this vinyl record player can only support Bluetooth Input functionality, which means you can connect it with your smartphones, laptops, or tablets, etc., and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. Please make sure that the 'auto-stop switch' is on, Bluetooth function only works under the 'auto-stop switch' is on, and put the tonearm back at the arm holder.

Q: Why is the speed of the song played by the record faster or slower?

A: If you find the speed of the songs is faster or slower than the original, then the speed that you choose does not fit your record. Please choose the correct speed and try it again.

Q: For different tracks, how to enhance the song effect by Treble & Bass Control knobs?

A: Donner's warm advice:

  • When playing classical and female vocal tracks, increase the treble ratio to increase the airiness of the song.
  • When playing bass tracks, you can increase the bass ratio to increase the sinking feeling.

Q: Why is the volume low when playing with the built-in speakers of the vinyl record player?

  • Excessive speaker vibration will affect the needle tracking of the record player, and the low frequencies of the speakers have been deliberately attenuated to ensure full sound quality. Bluetooth playback will output normally and will not attenuate the low frequencies.
  • In designing the product, we wanted to give our customers a softer, more realistic sound experience, so we didn't have very high-powered speakers (high power may result in a harsher sound).
  • The volume level you experience is usually related to the size of the room and the ambient volume level around you to some extent. If your surroundings happen to be noisy when you are using it, the sound of the record player may not sound loud enough. To solve this problem, our vinyl player supports direct connection to active speakers via a plug, which allows for higher and more stereo sound to be played.

Q: The turntable is not working or have questions about using the product, what should I do?

A: Do not worry, Donner has an excellent customer support team, we stand by our products 100%. If there are any problems, please communicate with our customer support team, we will happily send a replacement to you. At Donner, your satisfaction is our top priority.


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