Donner DAE-36M 36 inch full mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar with DSS-mini DSS-mini pickups that feature a small barrel guitar

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All African Mahogany
Mahogany is less dense than the rosewood species, far warmer and darker tone than both Cedar and Spruce. As a material for back and sides, mahogany’s density can add great ‘punch’ and projection, adding warmth
Neodymium Magnet
To get the best string balance and dynamic frequency, we use a customized rare earth neodymium magnet. Note:Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup is a high impedance passive magnetic soundhole pickup designed for steel-string acoustic guitars only. (It does NOT work with Nylon strings.)
Phosphor Bronze Strings
To balance out the lack of string tension on DAE-36M 36" body, phosphor bronze strings have been specially selected to compensate for the relatively stiff feel of the strings, which makes up for the short effective string length and provides a comfortable and durable playing experience.
Donner Custom Mechanical Heads
Donner custom-made mechanical head allows for gear ratios that are better suited to tuning smaller guitars while maintaining intonation stability.
Standard D-shape neck
The standard 'D' Shape Neck with a matte lacquer finish gives an excellent playing feel. The thinner neck makes it easier to reach up to the fingerboard and play fast parts.
Peltogyne Bridge
The bridge is Made of Peltogyne, which provides better vibration transmission performance, effectively reducing the loss of energy transfer during string vibration and bringing more details to the sound


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