Donner Blues Drive Overdrive Pedal Gain Effect with 2-way Tone Switch

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The Blues Drive is inspired by the legendary TS-style overdrive pedal and its famous mods. Combining iconic vintage tube overdrive sound with wide dynamic range and flflexible controls, this pedal gives you a wide tonal range from smooth whispers to searing leads.

Easy Controls, Wide Flexibilities

The Blues Drive features an easy-to-use three-knob tone control: LEVEL (output volume), TONE (brightness) and GAIN (overdrive amount) to get the sound you’re after. Each knob gives you a wide range of control, making more sounds possible

Inspired By Classics And More

The Blues Drive is inspired by the legendary TS-style vintage tube overdrive pedal and its famous mods, reproducing the iconic overdrive sound with warm, smooth mids and great dynamic response.

Two-Way Tone Switch

The Blues Drive offers a two-way selector for choosing from two sound types: Hot, which provides a louder, tightened sound, and Warm, which gives you the classic TS overdrive sound

Product Description

A TS-Style overdrive with “Hot" and "Warm" modes. The “Hot mode provides a full and more powerful tone. Warm sounds smoother and sweeter, making the tone performance more dynamic and distinctive. Everyone needs a TS-style overdrive on their board. It’s a standard for all kinds of heavy, overdriven music. The accentuated mid frequencies make this style of pedal great for blues music and cutting through a mix. The “Hot” mode gives you one of the best mods for the circuit, and the “Warm” mode gives you the classic tone you’ve heard on hundreds of records. Add some delay for extra awesomeness. 


  • Power Requirement: 9V DC (center-negative
  • Current Consumption: 6mA
  • Dimensions: 1.7in x 3.7in x 2in (4.2cm x 9.35cm x 5.2cm
  • Weight: 8.1oz (230g


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