Donner Beltway looper guitar effect pedal

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    The Donner Beltway looper is a small and highly intuitive single foot switch looper pedal. The onboard USB jack and built-in memory is very convenient for saving your music creations.The Beltway looper provides you with a simple and intuitive user experience. The single foot switch provides you convenient looping functions, and onboard effects gives you more musical options

    24-bit Recording and Playback

    The Beltway looper offers you 24-bit high quality recording/playback and 32- bit signal processing that give you a pure lossless sound.

    Type-C USB Jack

    Use a USB cable to connect your Beltway looper to your computer to import/export loop phrases. Enter firmware upgrade mode锛孶pgrade the firmware for a better experience.

    3 Playback Modes

    Select from three playback modes: 

    • 1/2 Speed 鈥?1/2 Speed playback
    • Normal 鈥?Normal playback
    • Reverse 鈥?Reversed playback

    Note: you can’t record, overdub, undo/redo when the unit is not in Normal mode. 

    The Beltway looper supports unlimited overdubs. You can undo/redo your last recording by holding the footswitch after overdubbing.

    Connections & Controls

    Type-C USB Jack:

    Connect to computer to import/export recordings. The Beltway will be recognized as a USB disk when connected. To import, drag and drop an audio file into the Banko folder of the USB disk. 

    The audio fifile should be a 32-bit, 44.1kHz mono wav fifile and should be named as Looper.wav. To export, drag and drop the Looper.wav fifile in the Banko folder to a desired directory.

    Do not rename, delete, or change folders or other files in the USB disk to prevent unit malfunction. 


    • Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
    • Current Consumption: 123mA
    • Dimensions: 5.2in x 2.5in x 1.8in (13.2cm x 6.4cm x 4.5cm
    • Weight: 8.8oz (250g
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