Donner 6-Inch TS Guitar Patch Cable MultiColored 6-Pack

SKU: EC2010

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    Donner Multi-Colored 6-Inch Guitar Patch Cables

    Make Music You Love!!!

    21 AWG
    These cables are 21 AWG oxygen-free copper and 6in long for patching together guitar pedals or patch bay inputs. They feature ultra low capacitance which gives you pure signal transmission.
    Solid and Durable
    The shielding in these cables provides noise rejection for clean operation and ultra low capacitance for signal transparency. They are sturdily built and will last you a long time.
    Two big audio plug
    Molded TS 1/4" plugs are perfect for pedal boards. The right-angle heads allow close spacing of your effects on your pedalboard.
    Bring Color to Your Pedalboard!
    This Donner cable six pack features six different colors: black, purple, orange, green, blue, and red. Use the colors to color code your effects, or make your routing choices easier to see.


    Length: 6in (15cm)

    Plug Diameter: 1/4-Inch(6.35mm)

    Material Quality: Oxygen-Free Copper Wire

    Jacket Material: PVC
    Package Includes:
    • Donner Multi-Colored Guitar Patch Cables X 6

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