Donner 12-Pack Acoustic Foam Panels, 2- Inch Fireproof

SKU: EC2031

Size: 2’’ x 12’’ x 12’’
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    Donner Acoustic Foam Panels

    Make Music You Love!

    Widely Used
    Panels like these are widely used in concert halls, recording studios, home theaters, offices, etc., to attenuate and dampen sound.
    Easy to Install
    These panels can be easily attached to the walls and ceilings of your studio, recording space, or rehearsal space. NOTE: Acoustic foam spray adhesive is not included.
    High-Quality Material
    Donner acoustic foam panels are full of small voids and semi-open holes, which can absorb and redirect high and mid frequencies, attenuating their volume and reducing reflections.
  • Size:12in x 12in x 2in (35cm x 35cm x 5cm)
  • Material: Polyurethane

    Hard surfaces are really great at reflecting the sounds that hit them. This is what is responsible for the echoes in caves. Generally speaking, when recording or mixing, this effect is undesirable. The acoustic foam panels help to attenuate the high frequency reflections from nearby walls, making your recordings cleaner and mixing a lot easier. Donner soundproofing foam uses a new polyurethane sound-absorbing material, which is formed through a specialized foaming process and can greatly improve the sound quality in your room. Each piece of soundproofing foam is coated with flame retardant materials and passes the environmental protection test of SGS. This is a product you can trust.
  • Package Includes
    • Donner Acoustic Foam Panels X 12
    1. When you open the package and take out the panels, you may find that they have been compressed in transit. Do not worry, though. You can allow the panels to expand naturally over 24 hours or you can soak them in water for 2-5 minutes and then blow dry to restore their normal thickness faster.
    2. When using spray glue to attach the panels, make sure the wall is flat and clean.

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