Dear Customer:
Hello! According to the notice of the Australian Toll service provider, due to extreme rainfall in Australia, floods damaged railways and roads in some areas, so the service provider will start from February 7 (Beijing time), the destination and origin are Northern Territory and Western Australia. Order shipping is subject to a 35% temporary surcharge (disaster levy).
Our company has delayed charging until February 21st (Beijing time), and the recovery time is to be determined, please know.
Affected partition codes: DRW, NT, ASP, PER, SWA, CWA, NWA, BRM, CNSW.
Affected warehouse codes: Melbourne warehouse, Sydney warehouse
Affected logistics product codes: AU_TOLL_STANDARD , AU_TOLL_STANDARD_MT
Our company will pay close attention to the dynamics of service providers and will inform you of any updates in time.
We are committed to providing customers with quality services, thank you for your continued trust and support to our company.    

Issued by: Donnermusic AU
Published: February 14, 2022