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Donner DDP-100 Best Digital Piano for Beginners 88-Key Weighted Black

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Donner DDP-100 88 Key Fully Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners Black.
Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano Features:
【Heavy hammer function】The 88-key fully weighted keyboard makes the keyboard more powerful and feels close to the piano keyboard.
【Pure piano sound】 The music played is more aesthetic, making it easier for both the player and the listener to indulge in it.
【Dual headphone mute mode】Provides a unique listening experience that will not disexperience that will not distract or disturb others.tract or disturb others.
🎹【MIDI connection teaching】It is convenient to connect with the computer, so that the functions of the piano can be expanded more.
🎹【Wide range of applications】Not only for home and indoor practice, but also for large-scale events and celebrations to increase the atmosphere.
Tech Specs
Keyboard Type:Digital Piano
Polyphony : 128
Trumpet: 30W*2
Timbre: 1
Package Dimensions: 125.98 x 34.98 x 74.98 cm
Weight: 43.91kg
In This Kit
  • Digital piano X 1
  • Power Adapter X 1
  • Stand and Assembly
  • Hardware


Ask a Question
  • what is the differance betwwe the ddp 90 and the ddp 100? besides the prices

    Dear Customer, DDP-90 is a clamshell version, and DDP-100 is a sliding cover version. DDP-100 is slightly larger than DDP-90 in product size. DDP-100 is better than DDP-90 in terms of sound resonance.

  • Does this piano have control buttons similar to the DEP-20?

    No, this piano does not have control buttons similar to the DEP-20.

  • What would i need to plug in headphones to this piano? also, what would i need to plug in my laptop to it? can i use a bluetooth dongle on it maybe?

    This piano has a headphones socket. And there is a USB transmission interface that can connect with a laptop. This piano does not have a Bluetooth function.

  • Do these pianos ever need professional tuning?

    Dear customer, it does not need to tune, the standard tone is pre-recorded. Thanks.

  • How do I connect my wireless bose headset to the piano?

    We are sorry that this piano does not have a Bluetooth function.

  • We own this and would like to know if there is a driver to download for mac so we connect the piano to our computer? for the ddp100?

    Recommended mobile/Tablet PC applications: Garageband, pop piano, pop music

  • How many inches in length is the donor piano.

    The length of the donor piano is 53.9 inches. For further information please check our details page.

  • Does this keyboard have a cover for keys?

    This piano has the cover for keys.

  • where is this piano made?

    Made in China.

  • Are there any other voices, organ for example?

    No extra noises. Just a button to turn it on and volume control. It is a piano sound only.

  • Transpose Function?

    Donner DDP-100 digital piano does not have a transpose function.

  • When the head phones are plugged in does it mute the piano so the only sound is through the head phones ?

    Yes, the sound will come from the headset after plugging in the headset.

  • What is a beginner keyboard? What makes it for beginners?

    DDP-100 is a single tone pure tone piano, that is, the piano has only one tone and no other functions. It is suitable for piano learners who practice.

  • Does the back piece/board need to be installed in order for the piano to stand or can it be set-up without it?

    We recommend that you install the backplane. The absence of a backplate may result in structural instability of the piano.

  • Why buy this one vs the 90 or 20?

    Dear customer, DDP-100 is with sliding cover. And it is a single tone electric piano, which is suitable for piano learners. Thanks.

  • Does this have usb, or bluetooth practice mode connection for practice learning apps?

    Dear customer, this piano has a USB-MID interface to connect to a computer and can be used with computer software, but it does not have a Bluetooth function.

  • Are the 3 pedals included?

    Yes, it includes the 3 pedals.

  • Can this piano do mix?

    No, it can't. But you can export the audio and do mix yourself.

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