Donner DED-200 Upgraded Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 5 Drums/4 Cymbals/Drumsticks

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Donner provides a high quality, one-stop service for musical enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Relying on its innovative and efficient research & development team, Donner is committed to creating high quality and cutting edge instruments that inspire professional artists and creators. 
225 different sounds help you to nail jazz, rock, blues, punk and other styles on demand, whether you’re practicing or performing. You can match your sounds to the band and blend in or cut through as much as you want. The DED-200 is also great for solo practice. 
The eight-inch all-mesh drumheads can withstand an average of 200,000 hits in our laboratory testing. The unique design of the mesh drumhead hoop keeps the heads from going slack or losing shape. The Donner DED-200 mesh is fine and dense, giving you the ideal playing feel and drumheads with a longer life. 
We pay attention to every detail, making sure that every drum is perfectly assembled, so that you can concentrate more on the world of music. 
Designed to Grow with You
If you want to practice along with your favorite songs, you can connect your computer or MP3 player. Using headphones, the Donner DED-200 makes practicing at home much easier. Electronic drums make only a small fraction of the noise that acoustic drums do, keeping housemates and neighbors happy.
Package Includes:
  • 8in Tom-Tom X 3
  • 8in Snare Drum X 1
  • 8in Kick Drum X 1
  • 10in Hi-Hat X 1
  • 12in Ride X 1
  • 12in Crash X 2
  • Hi-Hat Pedal X 1
  • Kick Pedal X 1
  • Drum Key X 1
  • Support Frame X 1
  • Sound Module X 1
  • Power Adapter X 1
  • Signal Connection Line X 1
  • Instrument Cable X 1
The DED-200 uses Dream® sampling technology. Dream® has been a leading French DSP and sound synthesis company since the 1980s. This technology uses recordings and samples from acoustic instruments and includes data about sound quality and timbre to produce naturalistic sounds. The process is efficient and low latency and responsive to your playing without sounding artificial. 

The cymbals are injection molded and deliver shock vibrations to the sensor, seamlessly triggering your cymbal sounds. These custom sensors have high sensitivity and wide dynamic response, so they respond more naturally to your playing dynamics. The Donner steel drum stand that the drums and cymbals attach to is rock solid.The DED-200 also has dual trigger technology on the drumheads, allowing you to intuitively trigger different sounds on the drum head and the rim. This technology is owed in part to years of research and hard work from the Donner engineering team. 

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Donner DED-200 Donner DED-200 Donner DED-200 Donner DED-100
Kit Configuration Professional Kit: 5 Drums 3 Cymbals /Drumsticks/Stool/Headphone Professional Kit: 5 Drums 3 Cymbals /Drumsticks Professional Kit: 5 Drums 4 Cymbals /Drumsticks Beginner Kit: 5 Drums 3 Cymbals /Drumsticks
Sounds 225 Tones/ 30 Demonstration Songs 225 Tones/ 30 Demonstration Songs 225 Tones/ 30 Demonstration Songs 195 tones/ 20 Demonstration songs
Bass Drum Independent Drum Pad&Bass Drum Pedal Independent Drum Pad&Bass Drum Pedal Independent Drum Pad&Bass Drum Pedal Trigger Pedal
Drum Stand Thicken Thicken Thicken Simplicity
Drumhead 8'' Durable Full Mesh 8'' Durable Full Mesh 8'' Durable Full Mesh 8'' Durable Full Mesh
Cymbals 12'' 12'' 12'' 10''


Ask a Question
  • Do I need to plug it into an amp to be able to hear it without headphones ?

    Dear Customer, the sound source of our drum kit itself does not have speakers, and you need external speakers or headphones to hear the sound.

  • Can I plug this to a looper?

    Our electric drum supports connecting the audio signal output of the sound source to the loop effector.

  • What are the dimensions when folded? Is it easy to fold and unfold?

    The Package Size is 73CM * 82CM * 40CM. And the iron metal could be collapsible. Hope the above helps.

  • Can i replace the hi-hat with a roland vh-10 or vh-11 hi-hat to this set?

    Different brands of plug-ins may not be compatible.

  • Does the kit with the 4th cymbal still come with the kick pedal, headphones, drum throne and drum sticks?

    Dear Customer, this drum set comes with the drum sticks and kick pedal, but it doesn't come with the headphones or drum throne.

  • Can this drum set be paired to Bluetooth wireless headphones?

    We are sorry that this electric drum does not support Bluetooth.

  • Can I connect it to my laptop?

    Yes, you can connect the drum set to your laptop or computer.

  • need a cable aux to plug to my speaker or does it come with a cable ?

    Dear customer, the drum has an auxiliary cable plugged into the speaker. Our products are also equipped with cables.

  • What's the tom sizes

    The size of tom is 8 inch.

  • How do you save changes to settings it's very confusing and unclear (such as sounds and threshold), each time i power on and off it resets?!

    You need to save the set parameters to the custom drum kit operation.

  • Do the pedals need to be plugged in to the drum module? And if so are the cords included?

    Dear Customer, yes, the pedal needs to be plugged in to the drum module and all the cords is included in the package.

  • does the snare have a sound for the rim?

    Yes, the snare has sound on both the face and the edge.

  • Do the modules have dynamics? Say i hit the drum lightly is it quiet, then when i hit it hard, is it loud?

    Yes, the modules have dynamics. The sound will change with the intensity of your percussion.

  • What are the best size drumsticks to use? i have always used 2b and i have a lot of them. are they too big?

    You can use the standard size: 5A.

  • My bass drum keeps rapidly triggering when I press down hard and slow on the pedal, does anyone know why?

    Dear Customer, please check if all the cables are properly connected, if there is any problem when using it, please feel free to contact our after-sales.

  • What type of signal output jack does it use

    It uses the output jack of 6.35mm. The drum set is loyal to the acoustic drum sampling of the real drum. Its 12-inch silicone cymbal has a stable and well-distributed tone response at any position of the cymbal.

  • What are the size (diameter and length) of the lugs on the stand. I have broken 2 trying to get the stand tight enough not to move

    Dear Customer, the diameter of the screw is about 5mm, and the total length is about 33mm (the length of the screw cap is 8.5mm, the length of the screw is 24.5mm), please refer to the actual size.

  • Is this a complete kit or can I add drum pads or cymbal pads?

    Dear Customer, we are sorry that we currently do not recommend that you add other components.

  • Hello! i need it for midi recording and triggerinrg drums libraries , can i use it for that purpose?

    Yes, you can use it for midi recording and triggering drums libraries.

  • I live in a small space. Is this easily foldable and can be put away when not in use?

    It is foldable and could be put away but it will take some time to set it back up 5-10 minutes

  • has the midi output issue been fixed on this set's drum brain?

    Dear customer, it can be linked to DAW software through the USB MIDI or audio output interface, please kindly know that. Thanks.

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