Donner Stylish Classic Mini Fuzz Pedal for Electric Guitar True Bypass

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Great Fuzz Tone
This pedal has tons of fuzz, from mild distortion, to over the top fuzz tones. Its compact design makes it both cute and functional, and it will fit anywhere on your pedalboard. The three control knobs give you plenty of control, making this affordable fuzz a no-brainer, and a head and shoulders above the competition. 
Easy to Control
There are three function knobs: Volume, Tone and Sustain. these controls are essential for all Fuzz pedals, including this mini one. Adjust the knobs to find the exact sound you’re after. The bright LED turns on when the effects is engaged. Switch it on, and rock out! 
Classic Design
The Stylish Fuzz has a fun logo, a miniature size, and it is convenient and durable. The true bypass switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through unaffected when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument. 

Stylish Fuzz Features

  1. Power Supply: 9V DC (center-negative). 
  2. Volume Knob: Control the output volume
  3. Tone Knob: Adjust the depth of the Fuzz tone. 
  4. Sustain Knob: Adjust the Fuzz’s sustain. 
  5. Input & Output Jacks: 1/4-inch mono audio jacks. 
  6. True Bypass Switch: True bypass for zero tone coloration. 

Note: Please use a power adapter with a voltage of DC9V, an internal negative and external positive polarity and a current of 500mA or more to power your pedal. Failure to do so can cause serious situations where the product does not work or is damaged.


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